Why buy a Survival Camino guidebook?

Because these are the only guidebooks written and revised every year by an author who works on the Camino.

Because these guidebooks will help you understand and appreciate Spanish idiosyncrasy, usually the most intriguing, and at times frustrating, part of a trip for travellers.

Because these guidebooks provide insider insight and information about the Camino; information on where you are walking, why you are looking at things, what you are eating and how to make the most of your experience; all that stuff that is not readily available to travellers from abroad.

Because these guidebooks are written by a Spanish pilgrim for pilgrims from abroad.


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Why buy a Survival museum guidebook?

Because these are the only guidebooks written for the untrained and anyone who does not have a background in art or art history.

Because it's OK to be entertained and surprised when discovering art. It's also OK to not agree with everything you are told, as 'good art' is always open to interpretations.

Because every work of art has a story and these are all told here.

Because you're guaranteed to enjoy your visit just a bit more.


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And because of the great reviews!

Here are some examples from Amazon:

A Survival Guide to the Camino de Santiago in Galicia. Reviewed by G C A on August 25, 2019. ''Enjoyed reading this Guidebook. Truly allows the reader to prepare for this particular route on the Camino. Will be leaving on the Camino soon so I will be able to see and experience what I read.''

A Survival Guide to the Portuguese Camino in Galicia. Reviewed by Morten Lopen on Februray 28, 2019. ''I am going to walk from Tui to Santiago de Compostela this spring and I found this guidebook really interesting. I like the detailed informaton about citys and villages, and also the information about alternative routes. It also has lots of information about the history.''

A Survival Guide to the Prado Museum. Reviewed by David M on July 23, 2018. ''This book was helpful to have in preparation for our trip to the Prado. We studied the paintings ahead of time using the book. When we visited the Prado, I had the book in my purse to help us locate the works of art discussed in the book. The book lists the locations of all the paintings, which is very helpful, especially towards the end of a visit when you are tired and want to make sure you have seen everything you want to see.''

Three Journeys to Santiago de Compostela. Reviewed by Bette Vidrine on July 21, 2018. ''A great read in preparation for the doing the Portuguese Route.''

A Survival Guide to the Portuguese Camino in Galicia. Reviewed by Walter Peake on April 26, 2018. ''What a fine guide to a fine walk! I just returned home following my walk from Valenca to Santiago de Compostela, and I used this book every single day. Jeffery provides wonderful insights and tips that helped to make my Camino everything that I'd hoped it would be. Unlike other guidebooks, this 'survival guide' helped me to grasp some sense of context for the things that I saw and experienced. Vendors, cafe owners, and others along the way were very familiar with Jeffery, and spoke highly of his regular visits. It was nice to know that he is and has been a frequent visitor in the establishments that he mentions in the book. Thanks again Jeffery for helping to get me from one end of the walk to the other.''

A Survival Guide to the Camino de Santiago in Galicia. Reviewed by Monica Davis reviewed on January 26, 2018. ''Terrific information in preparation of my first Camino!! Definitely recommend to anyone making plans.''

A Survival Guide to the Thyssen. Reviewed by Joseph Delano Robles on July 2, 2017. ''Heralded as one of the world's most important museum because of its extensive chronologically arranged private collection, the thyssen is a haven for art fanatics and something that shouldn't be missed if you're visiting Madrid. Each painting was painstakingly curated and tells stories of the lives of our history's greatest painters, how their lives are, people around them and the era or century they were living in. Overwhelming as it may all sound Barrerra's "A Survival guide to the Thyssen" provides an entertaining bird's eye view of what to expect from this extensive and awe-inspiring collection!''