A little more information about the museum guidebooks

The books are all by Jeffery Barrera, published by Amazon, and are available in Paperback or Kindle ebook.

Books are likewise purchased through Amazon and shipped directly to you. Remember that I appreciate (and love) reviews!

A Survival Guide to the Prado Museum

Paperback: $9.20 USD

Kindle: $6.50 USD


This is not just another dull guidebook for the Prado. This is a guidebook that will entertain you and enhance your visit to the greatest museum in the world. This is a guidebook for the untrained, for those that believe they don’t understand or enjoy art.

A Survival Guide to the Thyssen

Paperback: $8.50 USD

Kindle: $6.50 USD


The Thyssen presents a chronological narrative of art history with outstanding examples from each period and very few gaps. Indeed, visiting the museum is like strolling through the last 600 years of art history. No other private collection presents anything similar. And yes, this is another guidebook for the untrained.

Greek Mythology for Beginers

Hardcover Deluxe Colour Edition: $39.00 USD

Paperback: $11.00 USD

Kindle: $6.50 USD


An introduction to Greek Mythology by the hand of the Roman poet Ovid and his book The Metamorphoses. Illustrated with paintings from the Prado Museum's collection.

A Guidebook to Erotica in the Prado Museum

Paperback: $7.50 USD

Kindle: $5.50 USD


The selection in this guidebook includes 28 works that are part of the permanent collection of the museum. The only inclusion criterion was that the painting or sculpture presented erotic associations. You may be surprised at how little erotica has changed, there really is nothing new under the sun and it’s all been done before.