COVID-19. Spain and the Camino de Santiago. Updated May 9th 2021 END OF THE STATE OF ALARM

What has changed AFTER the State of Alarm?

The Spanish Government declared a ‘State of Alarm’ on Sunday October 26th, which remained in place until May 9th, 2021. During this period, the Camino was, to all effects, closed, as movement between regions in Spain was severely restricted or not allowed.

As of May 9th, there are NO mobility restrictions in Spain between Autonomous Regions and Provinces. Furthermore, regional governments can ONLY enforce municipal lockdowns, but NEVER Provincial or Autonomous Regional ones. Applied to the Caminos de Santiago in Spain, this means that nothing can stop you from crossing Spain, but that you may encounter a town that is confined.

However, there continue to be other pandemic-related restrictions in Spain, and these may vary significantly depending on the Autonomous Community.

Unless another State of Alarm is declared, this is the general situation in Spain.

The following links are updated regularly and are useful to plan your trip to, and within, Spain:

For information in English about travel and regional restrictions in Spain and each Autonomous Community:

For informaton in English about the pandemic situation and travel within Europe:

For information specific to the Camino Francés in Spanish:

Be aware that your home country may have imposed a travel ban to Spain, a part of Spain or enforce a quarantine on your return. All major Spanish airports are currently open and without restrictions. Travellers arriving to Spain must complete a health control form before travelling to Spain available here:

Buen Camino!