Jeffery Barrera

Based in Madrid, I work as a guide on the Camino, and in my free time I write guidebooks.

Since 1994 I have walked the Galician section of the French and Portuguese Caminos over 60 times, and the Camino from the French border twice. I have also walked the English Way, the Primitivo and the Camino de Madrid. Because I get to walk the Camino on a regular basis, I do not have to rely on other people or sources for updates; nothing wrong with that, I just like to see and experience the changes myself.

And yes, I also find time to head into town and visit the Prado and Thyssen Museums. My strategy for an enjoyable visit? Choose 10 or 20 paintings you would like to see and ignore the rest (you can use A Survival Guide), also spend a little time just wandering until a painting catches your eye, and then wrap up your visit with a coffee or tea at the Museum Café.

The Camino de Santiago

Since 813, when Pelayo discovered Saint James’s remains and Alfonso II ordered the first church to be built, pilgrims have been walking to Santiago de Compostela.

According to the Pilgrim’s Office, in 2023, over 440.000 pilgrims had completed their pilgrimage and had requested their Compostela. In 1992, fewer than 10.000 pilgrims completed the pilgrimage to the city.

The Camino is a big business again, although surprisingly it has not been developed as much as you would have expected. The large corporations have ignored the Camino so far. Do not expect to see any of the classic chain fast-food restaurants or hotels. The dozens of new pilgrim hostels are found mainly within the villages and towns, usually in renovated old homes and injecting much needed funds into these dying communities.

Why buy a Survival Guide?

... and not any other guidebook for the Prado and Thyssen museums?

... or any other guidebook for the Camino de Santiago?

Camino Pics

Because the Camino is beautiful and I get to walk it every year.

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